Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Just one word that meant so much.

He was ushered into the courtroom by two Policemen. He was not a feeble old man. He was well dressed and carried a blue and white plastic bag. I hadn't seen him for 37 years but I recognised him. I was on the opposite side of the courtroom....the last time we met he was so much closer and had control of me but NOT TODAY.

He was sworn in and the charge of indecent assault was put to him and he was then asked how he would plead.

Even at this stage I felt as if I was dreaming. Am I here in a courtroom after 37 years of shame, guilt and heartache? Is he about to finally admit his wrongdoings? For so many years when asked what I wanted, I always said 'my day in Court' and here I am. For me it was the ultimate exoneration, vindication and liberation. The truth is out and everyone now believes me.

'GUILTY' he said and I cried.

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