Friday, 12 April 2013

Bittersweet emotions. The past week has been tough.

The bicycle - Albert Einstein

I had imagined this post-trial period would be different. Since 2003 the judicial process was underway.The culmination of this process would hopefully give me a different view of my life. For me, the trial and the release of the Murphy report went hand in hand, as I was led to believe that it would be published straight after. I am disappointed that this has not happened, in fact it’s much greater than disappointment. There have been difficult times over the last 2 weeks.

I didn't think for one minute that the trial was going to be some magic bullet and my life would suddenly become ‘normal'. I did, however think this time would be different from before. Maybe if the petition wasn’t running then it would be. We are where we are.

I am also reminded that there is goodness within people that perhaps I never knew existed to the extent I do now. Friends, Family, Phil and people I have never met, are taking time to sign the petition and share it with those around them. People I have never met are taking time to send messages of support and contained within those messages is a greater awareness around the subject of sexual abuse. This of course is central to me waiving my right to anonymity, and central to my campaign in having the Murphy Report released in its entirety.

I feel so encouraged by the support and I know I must continue. With great appreciation to everyone and a renewed vigour we will reach our target together.

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