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2003 - 2013

The past ten years since the Garda investigation started in earnest, has been filled with incredible highs and lows, given that McCabe was living in the U.S.A. Just when I thought there was some hope, it would be dashed by some legality or other. At this time I was also advised to take a civil case against the Dublin Diocese and  Newbridge College combined. I received a nominal award but the disclaimer I had to sign was mostly stating the church accepted no liability. To me this was not Justice. They had merely ticked a box on a very long list.

There were many times when I thought no criminal prosecution would take place at all. The Irish Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) had reservations. It was not going to be easy to prosecute the case, nor was it going to be easy to extradite him from America back to Ireland.

The Gardai submitted my file several times to the DPP and he directed that no prosecution should take place.I then started writing to the DPP in Dublin and started to explain what happened at the hands of both priests, the affect it was having on my life and the affect it had on my parents lives. (I just stopped short of offering an internal organ in return for an attempt at prosecution).

McCabe was asked if he would allow an interview by the Irish Garda and he declined. Some time after the Garda were given permission to travel to America to interview him. This time he agreed and told the Gardai enough to build a case for extradition.

I continued to write to the DPP each time I found new evidence, even if it was the name of a Bishop or Monsignor that my Mother and I had visited. When I remembered the smallest detail I would forward it to the Gardai and the DPP. I've lost count of how often I wrote but it didn't matter because I was like a dog with a bone.

I owed it to my Mother's memory to do whatever I could to see justice done. She had made it her personal quest and I had no option but to continue that quest.


Moves begin in US to extradite ex-priest over abuse claims


EXTRADITION proceedings have begun in the United States against an elderly former Irish priest accused of child sex abuse offences.
Patrick McCabe (74), who now lives in California, is the subject of 10 warrants that have been issued in the Irish courts for his extradition.
Nine relate to allegations of indecent assault and one to attempted indecent assault. He faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in jail if found guilty in an Irish court of the offences.
Mr McCabe was remanded in custody last week and will remain there pending the full extradition hearing which is likely to take place this autumn. October 25th has been requested by his defence for the extradition hearing.
The trial date was set for Feb 2012 but was postponed. I was then issued with a subpoena to appear before the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court in July 2012. When I got to court, he had issued a reduced plea, which I was willing to accept but it was too removed from the facts of the case. Trial postponed until Feb 2013.
We depart tomorrow for our 4th Court appearance in 6 weeks. I'm not giving any consideration to what sentence will be given. My expectations are somewhere between barrel-bottom and low.
The most important point I would like to make is that there are no victories attached to any of this. No champagne corks will be popped in celebration. What it is on Friday is what it should have been 37 years ago and that is plain and simple justice.
After all, Justice is a civil right.

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