Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another delay? Surely not?

I was alarmed to discover the possible date for whether or not to publish the remainder of the Murphy report (CLICK HERE to read more about the Murphy Report) is set for 11th June 2013. If this is true, then surely the debate should be 'when' to publish and not 'whether' to publish.

Chapter 19 was released 9 days after Tony Walsh was sentenced in 2010. This release (chapter 20) should be no different as there are no further victims of McCabe to come before the courts that have any implication with the Murphy Report. Therefore there are no legal impediments to the complete release of chapter 20.

I would imagine there is nothing else to hide, so I have written to the Minister for Justice this morning asking him for the date of release.

The Murphy report was released in 2009 with parts withheld for legal reasons. Those legal reasons no longer exist. Surely the time to release it is now, so the Irish people and the wider world will discover the truth, even if unpalatable.'

My email has been acknowledged by the Minister's private secretary and I await the government response.

My email to the Irish Minister for Justice - 27th March 2013

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